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Introduction to Weight Lifting Belts

As you embark on your journey to build muscle and enhance your lifting prowess, one essential accessory often takes centre stage – the weight lifting beltSo what is a weight lifting belt, and why should it be a staple in your fitness arsenal?

A weight lifting belt is a specialised piece of equipment designed to support the lower back and core during resistance training exercises. This is particularly important for heavy lifts such as squats and deadlifts. Made with durable materials like leather or high-strength fabric, these belts are characterised by their wide, sturdy band that wraps around the waist.

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Lambro | Rappd Weightlifting Belt Australia
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Relentless - Image 1 | Rappd Weightlifting Belt
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Types of weight lifting belts available at Rappd


Training Belts

Designed to provide essential support and stability during your workouts, our belts are crafted to withstand the toughest training sessions.


Powerlifting Belts

Designed to optimise your lifts and provide unmatched support, our belts are the choice of champions.


Dipping Belts

Engineered to enhance your dips, pull-ups, and more, these belts provide the perfect balance of comfort and functionality.


Leather Belts

Crafted from premium italian leather, these belts embody a harmonious fusion of style and function. to elevate your lifting experience.


Neoprene Belts

Experience the fusion of adaptability and strength. Embrace the freedom to move, the assurance of support, and the comfort that fuels your progress.


Lever Belts

Embrace the efficiency of rapid adjustments, the confidence of unwavering support, and the power that propels you to new heights.

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Benefits of Using Weight Lifting Belts

Weight lifting belts have become indispensable tools for fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike. They provide a myriad of benefits that enhance performance and safety during strength training. 

Rappd Weightlifting Belt Australia

Core Support and Spinal Stability

Weight lifting belts play a crucial role in providing support to the core muscles and stabilising the spine during heavy lifts. By creating intra-abdominal pressure, these belts help reduce the stress on the lower back, preventing injuries and promoting proper form.​

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Increased Intra-Abdominal Pressure

One of the primary advantages of weight lifting belts is their ability to increase intra-abdominal pressure. This pressure acts as a natural weightlifting support system, offering additional stability to the core and minimising the risk of spinal injuries. This is important during compound movements like squats and deadlifts.

Lambro | Rappd Weightlifting Belt Australia

Enhanced Lifting Performance

With the added support and stability, weight lifting belts enable individuals to lift heavier weights more comfortably. This, in turn, contributes to muscle growth and overall strength development. Athletes often find that incorporating a belt into their training regimen allows them to push their limits and achieve new personal records.

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Improved Posture Awareness

Weight lifting belts encourage better posture by prompting lifters to engage their core and maintain an upright position. This not only reduces the strain on the lower back but also helps in preventing long-term injuries associated with poor lifting mechanics.

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Reduced Risk of Injuries

The use of weight lifting belts is associated with a decreased risk of various injuries, especially those related to the lower back and spine. By supporting the core and promoting proper form, these belts act as a preventive measure against strains, sprains, and other lifting-related injuries.

South Coast Strongman | Rappd Weightlifting Belt

Versatility Across Exercises

Weight lifting belts are versatile tools that can be utilised across a spectrum of exercises, from powerlifting movements to Olympic lifts. Whether you're a seasoned weightlifter or just starting, incorporating a belt can benefit your performance in various strength training exercises.

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How can weight lifting belts be used?

Rappd Gym Accessories

Casual Gym

Our weight lifting belts aren't just for the heavy lifters – they're designed to enhance every gym experience, whether you're a casual enthusiast or a dedicated pro.

Wrist Wraps

Strength Training

Our weight lifting belts are meticulously crafted to provide the stability you need to conquer heavy lifts and reach new heights of strength.

RAPPD Strong Series | Single Loop Lifting Straps


Our weight lifting belts are tailor-made to enhance your form, provide essential core stability, and empower you to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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Most frequent questions and answers about weight lifting belts

This question has been highly debated over the years. There really is no right or wrong, it’s totally a matter of personal opinion and what support you feel your body needs. Weight lifting belts are generally recommended to use when your exerting yourself and lifting weight that is testing your limits. Another view is that you should not only wear a weight belt when pushing heavy weight, but to also wear a belt when you are feeling fatigued, as injuries can occur when you are tired and complacent.

There are many different types of weight lifting belts/training belts, from the traditional tapered leather belt to the neoprene belt, both available in 2 model options 4 inch or 6 inch width, as opposed to the Powerlifting belts which are only available in one width 4″ end to end.

Weight lifting belts are the best accessory on the market for ensuring your back is supported while you lift – while weightlifting is a great way to keep your body in shape, keep you challenged, and bring you confidence, it doesn’t come without risks. Plenty of weightlifters deal with stress in their lower back from upright position lifts and back hyperextension during overhead lifts. This stress comes from the fact that your spinal erector muscles often produce less force during a lift. These muscles are essential to providing support to your lower back, so it’s a problem if they’re not being utilised during your workouts. Left unattended, lifting without proper support can result in pain within your back and could lead to long-lasting damage. Not only will this influence how effectively you can lift, but it will also lead to longer-term issues if left unattended. However, there is a solution that means you don’t have to give up on lifting to achieve the physique you want: weight lifting belts! Weight lifting belts and variations such as a dipping belts are a great way to minimise stress on the lower back and eliminate hyperextension. In addition, a weight belt will allow you to do all the lifts you’re used to without being concerned about any potential risks involved.

Here at Rappd, we offer a variety of weight belts, such as a powerlifting belt as well as a leather weightlifting belt. Therefore, it’s important to assess your needs for your workouts to determine which weight belt can give you the best assistance – whatever it may be; we’ll have you covered! Our traditional tapered leather weightlifting belt comes in two sizes: 4-inch or 6-inch width, depending on your sizing needs. These lifting belts are perfect for anyone looking for a dipping belt that will provide you with durability, longevity, and a premium feel. In addition, there are ten adjustment holes for any weight fluctuation, which means you can tailor your belt to your comfort level. As well as our leather weightlifting belt range, we also provide neoprene weight lifting belts in a 4-inch or 6-inch width. This weight belt is intended to provide a maximum level of functionality and support with a slick 9mm heavy-duty Velcro finish. So if you’re looking for a weight belt that’s sure to give you the support you need, this one’s the way to go. The difference between this belt to a leather weightlifting belt is purely a matter of personal taste – they both provide an excellent functional basis for keeping your back supported, but some people may prefer the feel of Velcro to leather (or vice versa) for comfortability. We also offer a dipping belt, which provides the same support as a regular lifting belt with the added component of a strap to attach a weight to. This is intended to provide more challenges for dip exercises when your body weight is simply not enough. Our dipping belt collection comes in both leather and neoprene models and is designed with function and ease in mind. If you want to perform plenty of squats and deadlifts, then a powerlifting belt is the one for you. These are more rigid and straight than their weight lifting belts counterpart, so they can assist better with powerlifting manoeuvres. In addition, our powerlifting belts come in a 4-inch size and have ten adjustment holes to account for weight fluctuation.

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Ready to enhance your weight lifting game?

So, there you have it! Weight lifting belts are the key to ensuring your back is supported during your lifts to enable that your safety is accounted for. They’ll enhance your performance and make sure that you are lifting in the most optimal position for muscle growth, too – if you’re looking to take your weightlifting to the next step, then lifting belts should be an absolute no-brainer! We’re sure you’ll find your desired weightlifting belt in our shop. From the traditional leather weight lifting belt and the dipping belt to the powerlifting belt, we have everything you could need! We suggest firmly wearing your weight lifting belt while also giving you enough space to breathe conformably and push your stomach out. In addition, you’ll be able to increase your intra-abdominal pressure and assure your belt is doing the work it’s intended to! Browse our full range to determine which type of weight lifting belt is best for your specific tastes and needs.

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