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Waist trainers & waist trimmers can help you to achieve the shape that you have always wanted! Pulling in your midsection, these products assist you to create a smaller, sleeker waist.

Rappd Waist Trainer


The Rappd Waist Trainer Is designed with comfortable and breathable material with steel splints which mould to your body offering support to your lower back.

Fully adjustable velcro system enables you to easily adjust the trainer to your waist as your body changes.

The Waist trainer Is recommended to be worn for most of the day for maximum results. Weather you are working in an office environment all day or using the trainer for manual labour, you will not notice you are wearing the trainer as It Is light weight and breathable.

Rappd Waist Trimmer


The Rappd Waist Trimmer Is made from non breathable  Neoprene and will make you perspire and Increase core temperature. This product unlike the Trainer Is recommended to be worn no more than 2 to 3 hours during excessive workout as you will lose alot of fluid. It Is Important to keep hydrated and replace the fluids In your body.

The Waist Trimmer Is a great product to be used before Bodybuilding or Figure competitions as It will aid in reducing unwanted fluid around your mid section.

Why purchase a waist trainer?

There are a lot of benefits to be achieved by using a waist trainer, weight loss is one of them. While wearing a waist trainer you can decrease your appetite as you will feel full a lot quicker. The waist trainer will also support your core and lower back.

Exercising while wearing a waist trainer can enhance further fat loss. However, please do not rely solely on the waist trainer for weight loss.

Rappd Waist trainer/Waist trimmer will help you to achieve the elusive hourglass figure that everyone wants to have.

The benefits do not end there either! Waist trainers have also been proven to help people achieve better posture. We all know that poor posture can contribute to neck and back problems later down the line, so this is another important benefit.

Rappd Waist Trimmer

Get the best results from your waist trainer

If you are wearing a waist trainer for the first time, there are a number of things you can do to get the best possible results. 

We always recommend building up your use of the waist trainer. So, you may want to start off with an hour or two, helping you to get used to the garment. You can keep working up until you eventually reach between eight and 10 hours per day.

Your waist trainer is not a miracle solution, so do keep this in mind. It is always going to work better when it is combined with a balanced diet and a good fitness routine, which should combine both strength and cardio training.

RAPPD Waist Trainer 3


Finally, why not take some photographs of your progress? 

By taking photos of your progress, you will be able to visually see the difference the waist trainer is making. A lot of people do not realise the progress they have made until they see previous photos and can visually see the difference. It is quite remarkable to see the weight loss and the change in body shape that can be achieved.


RAPPD Waist Trimmer 6

Purchase your waist trainer today!

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