Brawn Heavy Duty Knee Wraps 2.0m

(9 customer reviews)

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Brawn Heavy Duty Knee Wraps

  • 2.0m in length
  • 2 phase Velcro system
  • Quality materials
  • Tightly woven thread
  • Maximise your lifts
  • Prevent injuries


Tightly woven elastic thread count that gives you maximum support for your big lifts. The stiffness given by this wrap will give you a cast

like feel for maximum power returns out of the hole.

9 reviews for Brawn Heavy Duty Knee Wraps 2.0m

  1. Sam Lockier

    I am a Sports coach and have used many types of knee wraps and all types of brands.
    The Rappd Knee wrap is a quality product and has great tension and feel.
    Very impressed with the 3 phase Velcro system.

  2. steve

    Best knee wraps *****

  3. Gregory S

    Great support and Strong velcro. Squats are enjoyable now!

  4. Leo Sheehan

    I have had these knee wraps for w years and the velcro still sticks well. Best gym gear brand!

  5. Zack Johnson

    Surprised by the tension given by the Rappd Brawn knee wraps, super supportive and great rebound for my heavy leg days.

  6. Sara Jane W

    Massive improvement in my lifts

  7. David

    By far the best knee support I have used.

  8. John Dib

    Highly recommended! Super supportive knee wraps and easy to use sleeve to make wrapping easy.

  9. Jax

    Recommend using the Brawn Knee wraps for prevention and helping with maximum lifts. Strong product.

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