Gym Wrist Wraps For Lifting

Wrist wraps can be beneficial for weightlifting and powerlifting because they can help support your wrists and reduce the risk of injury during heavy lifting. As a vulnerable joint, your wrists can be prone to strain and injury when subjected to a lot of force, especially when lifting heavy weights. Wrist wraps provide support to the wrists and help stabilise the joint, reducing the risk of injury and allowing you to lift heavier weights more comfortably.

Wrist wraps can also help improve grip strength and prevent wrists from bending or collapsing under heavy loads. This can be especially useful if you have weak wrists or are lifting weights that require a lot of grip strength, such as deadlifts or barbell rows.

Overall, wrist wraps can be a valuable tool for weightlifters, especially those looking to lift heavier weights or at risk of a wrist injury.


We offer wrist wraps in three different sizes designed for how intense you want to go with your weightlifting. Regardless of size, all of our wrist wraps are built of soft and comfortable cotton with elastic to ensure a tight and secure fit.   

Our first option comes with the most colour options: the 13-inch wrist wrap. This is suitable for anyone who’s going to lift any sized weights as a precaution and those starting out with any bodybuilding or powerlifting. They come with an incorporated thumb loop as well for easy wrapping. The next step up is the 24.4-inch wrist wraps for moderate powerlifters. Finally, we round it out with the 35.4-inch wrist wraps for professional bodybuilders and ultimate performance and stability. On top of that, we carry two size options for our STRONG series at both 24 and 35.4-inch sizes, and they come in a popular bright red colour.