Weight Lifting Gloves Australia

Rappd have a wide selection of training gloves and hand grips to help take your training to the next level!

Training gloves come in varied materials and styles.

Leather gloves are suitable but not limited to lifting weights, as they will improve your grip strength and prevent calluses.

  • G Force Gloves
  • V Max Gloves
  • Viper Gloves

Lightweight fabric gloves are suitable but not limited to fitness training, outdoor training and running.

Palm Pro Grip Pads are suited mainly for weight training, light to medium weight. Made from Neoprene, the Palm Pro is super grippy and will improve your grip and prevent calluses.


Elevate Your Grip with Rappd’s Premium Weight Lifting Gloves in Australia!

Weight lifting gloves aren’t just an accessory but an essential part of your training toolkit. Why? Let’s delve into the myriad of reasons:

  • Enhanced Grip: Say goodbye to slippery barbells and dumbbells. Our gloves offer an improved grip, ensuring weights stay firmly in your hands, reducing the risk of accidents and boosting your confidence during lifts.
  • Protection: Blisters and calluses can be a lifter’s worst enemy. With Rappd’s gloves, your hands remain smooth and protected, no matter the intensity of your regime.
  • Wrist Support: Proper wrist alignment can make all the difference. Our gloves not only cater to your hands but also provide optimal wrist support, which is crucial for heavy lifting.
  • Reduced Fatigue: An improved grip means less strain on your hands and forearms, allowing you to train longer and harder.
  • Sweat Management: Our breathable fabric ensures that sweaty palms don’t hinder your performance, offering both comfort and enhanced grip.

Dive into Rappd’s weight lifting gloves collection, tailored for beginners and seasoned athletes. Equip yourself with gloves that understand your lifting journey, ensuring safety, comfort, and peak performance with every rep. Choose Rappd and treat your hands to the best in the business.

The Type of Weight Lifting Gloves Available At Rappd

Step Up Your Training Game with Rappd’s Exceptional Range of Gloves!

  • Running Gloves: Tailored for the avid runner, Rappd’s Running Gloves are meticulously designed to offer a perfect blend of comfort and function. Whether you’re braving the cold or looking for optimal sweat management during those intensive runs, our gloves ensure your hands remain comfortable, allowing you to focus solely on your pace and performance.
  • Training Gloves: The epitome of versatility! Whether you’re pumping iron, tackling the pull-up bar, or challenging yourself with kettlebells, our Training Gloves provide the grip, protection, and wrist support you need. Say goodbye to blisters and hello to an enhanced, safer workout experience.

Gloves aren’t just an accessory but an indispensable part of your fitness journey. They protect against blisters, enhance grip, offer wrist support, and manage sweat, ensuring every workout is performed at its best. Dive into Rappd’s glove collection, specifically crafted for those who demand excellence from their gear. With Rappd, you don’t just wear gloves—you equip yourself with an advantage.