Looking for a Barbell Pad in Australia?

Barbell pads are an excellent investment if you are training hip thrusts or squats, as the pad will reduce the impact on your muscles. It will help in preventing bruising and soreness!

Rappd Barbell Pad is made from high-grade dense foam and has straps to secure the bar.

Combine Pro resistance bands with your hip thrusts on your Glute Bench or squats for added resistance and a more rounded workout.


What are Hip Thrusts?

A bent-leg hip extension exercise is performed with your back on an elevated surface. The hip thrust is a favourite of lifters everywhere for its ability to target the posterior chain, especially the glutes, in a unique way.

What muscles are worked?

The hip thrust motion mainly targets the glutes — the gluteus maximus and Gluteus Medius — and the hamstrings. Your quads, core, and hip adductors will be working, too.

What’s the point of hip thrusts?

Hip thrusts build strength and size in your glutes in a way many other exercises cannot, and experts agree that they benefit many people, from athletes to older adults over age 65.

Glute strength is important for the stabilization of your core, pelvis and lower body. Without it, you’re at higher risk of knee pain, low back pain, and other types of injuries.

Strong glutes also promote athletic abilities like jumping, sprinting, and changing directions. In general, strong glutes are essential to good mobility. An added perk? A nicely lifted and round backside.