Aerobic Steps

Aerobic steps are one of the most versatile options you can add to your workouts. They are adjustable from 10.5cm up to 25.5cm, with a total of four different increments. Its dimensions come in 110cm by 41cm, and the maximum weight for a user is 200kg. 


These aerobic steps are a necessary core fitness accessory because you can do high-impact workouts without needing a lot of space or excessive equipment. That means you’re able to work on burning calories faster and work on strength training at the same time. You can combine these with weights or use your own body weight combined with the cardio you will perform with this equipment.  

And because it is elevated, you’ll be able to improve your coordination, especially as you raise the height of these aerobic steps. So it’s not just about improving your overall cardiovascular system, but you’re able to use this as an ad hoc floor press when combined with barbells. 

Consider getting bench risers 

On top of that, you can continue raising the height of your aerobic step by purchasing additional bench risers. These come in packs of two and four with the same rubber feet to ensure safe and secure stability. Each extra bench riser increases the height by 5cm. In addition, it’s not just about how high you can make your Aerobic Step go, but it can also be used with push-up exercises and other core activation exercises.  

Don’t let your home or commercial gym miss out on the opportunity to get yourself this non-slip aerobic step. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the durable yet lightweight construction of the Aerobic step and its convenience when working out.