Gym Accessories

We understand that every aspect of your workout is crucial, which is why we’ve curated a wide-ranging selection of gym accessories designed to cater to every facet of your training needs.

From the robust support of our Aerobic Steps to the targeted muscle engagement of the Arm Blaster, each product is carefully selected and crafted to meet the high standards synonymous with the Rappd brand.


Elevate Your Workout Experience

Whether you’re amplifying your barbell training with our carefully padded Barbell Pad, ensuring grip and precision with our premium Chalk, or enhancing cardiovascular endurance with our high-speed Skipping Ropes, Rappd has you covered. Our Waist Trainers and Trimmers are designed for those looking to sculpt and support their midsection, while our range of Face Masks ensures safety without compromising on your performance.

Durability Meets Design

Not only do we emphasise the functionality of our accessories, but we also pay close attention to durability and design. Our Fitness Mats provide the perfect foundation for a variety of exercises, crafted for comfort and longevity. For your equipment, our Equipment Mats ensure protection and stability, rounding out a collection that truly supports every corner of your fitness lifestyle.

Explore Rappd’s Gym Accessories today and find the perfect companions for your fitness journey. Embrace the diversity of our range and the quality that Rappd is renowned for. Equip yourself with the accessories that make a difference—because in fitness, every detail counts.