Why should I wear a weight belt/training belt?

Athlete using rappd dip belt at the gym

Why should I wear a weight belt/training belt?

This question is one that seems to be highly debated by many.

Let’s start off with answering the question on its head. Why should you wear a weight belt?

You should do what you feel comfortable with.

This answer has a double meaning. When you are training in any given sport, you can put the body through stress and in some cases using the body in the way that the body was not designed for. If you feel like you are putting your body under too much stress, the easy way to minimise injury would be to stop. This is one meaning of comfortable.

The other option which elite athletes take is on the opposite end of the scale, athletes push their bodies to the limit and sometimes beyond as competing is very addictive and so are the results.

So how do athletes protect themselves from injuries? Athletes use the best products to suit their needs. For example professional runners use running shoes as they are specifically designed for running, in saying this you can’t expect to put on a pair of expensive runners and expect to be a champion.

Well this is the same with weight training.

If you are training to get results and push your body to the limit then we recommend you use a weight belt in addition to following a system that keeps your body nimble and strong.

Keeping your core switched on during your lifts can prevent many injuries. Having and maintaining a consistent core workout in your regime combined with strong back muscles will aid in protecting the spine.

Doing all the above is no guarantee you won’t injure yourself, if your form is incorrect then there is a good chance you will come off second best.

In our opinion wearing a belt reminds you to switch on your core and keeps the core tight and secure.

Fatigue is another factor that can lead to injury as your mind can lose focus and it only takes a split second to forget to engage the core, this split second is enough to injure yourself.

Wearing a weight belt is a safety net, whether you’re fatigued or not the core will be secured and will engage if the belt is worn correctly.

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