The Benefits of Lifting Straps in Powerlifting

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The Benefits of Lifting Straps in Powerlifting

Lifting straps for weight training and powerlifting athletes are also known as figure 8 Lifting Straps, Single Loop Lifting Straps and Figure 6 Lifting Straps. These are supportive accessories crafted from fabric or leather. The straps are wrapped around your wrists and then under the barbell or dumbbell. This enables you to preserve a secure hold and will allow you to also lift heavier weight.

These straps are beneficial for lifting heavy weights, as they improve your grip and allow you to focus more on the exercise rather than maintaining your grip. They are typically used in weightlifting activities with barbells and dumbbells, where a strong grip is needed. Lifting straps are especially beneficial for exercises where your grip tends to give out early. It helps you in training properly for long sessions.

To use straps for lifting, properly fold them around your wrists. Then wrap and tighten the extra fabric around the object you’re lifting, simply where you would place your hands.

Numerous Advantages of Lifting Straps

Lift More Weight: Weightlifting straps will let you handle heavier weights, especially when your grip is giving up. For instance, if your body and grip can handle a 300lb deadlift without the use of lifting straps, simply by adding these straps you add a significant weight to your lift.

Protect Your Hands: Straps can lessen the formation of calluses in your hands. These can be quite painful if they tear. Using straps keeps your hands in better condition preventing direct friction from the bar.

Alternative to Chalk: Many gyms limit the usage of chalk due to the mess it creates. Lifting straps offer an enhanced grip for most exercises without the need for chalk.

Improve Mind-Muscle Connection: Straps assist you in training the target muscle groups instead of worrying about your grip. This focus enhances the mind-muscle connection, potentially leading to better muscle growth as you can perform more reps without your grip giving out. For example, using straps during pull-ups can help you concentrate on a full muscle contraction, without exerting forearm muscles and maximising on each rep.

Using lifting straps can significantly enhance the safety of your exercises, assisting you in achieving your fitness goals more efficiently.

Who Should Use Lifting Wraps?

Lifting straps are noticeably useful for numerous athletes like:

Lifting straps are noticeably useful for numerous athletes like:

Bodybuilders: Any lifter focused on constructing muscle (hypertrophy) will gain from using lifting straps. These are mainly used when your muscle strength exceeds your grip capability. The best lifting straps for weightlifting are those that make sure you are training the intended muscle groups, like your lower back and biceps.

Hook Grip Lifters: Lifters who use the hook grip technique—where the thumb is tucked between the bar and the hands to create a secure hook-like grip—will find straps useful. Although the hook grip offers a strong hold, it may be painful and detrimental to the thumb over lengthy sessions. Using powerlifting straps for warm-up and lighter sets can assist in protecting the thumb. So you can reserve the hook grip for heavier lifts.

Strongman Competitors: Since straps are quite popular in strongman competitions, strongman athletes should make use of them. A lifting strap helps in activities that include lifting heavy weights, similar to deadlifting. They are particularly beneficial for handling thick axle bars.

For athletes, powerlifting wrap straps aren’t just about helping with proper grip but also enhancing performance.

Why Choose Rappd for Your Lifting Straps

Choosing Rappd for your lifting straps is an excellent choice for any athlete focused on strength training. We are renowned for our high-quality merchandise that combines durability with comfort, ensuring that our straps can withstand the rigors of intense workouts while protecting your wrists and hands.

Our best lifting straps are made from premium materials, offering both resilience and a secure grip that helps you lift heavier weights without the risk of any slippage. Moreover, Rappd offers a variety of designs and materials, catering to different preferences and workout requirements. With Rappd, you’re not just purchasing a fitness accessory–you’re investing in a tool that enhances your training efficiency and safety.

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