CrossFit Grips – Rappd G Grips

Rappd trainer using Rappd products

CrossFit Grips – Rappd G Grips

Rappd G Grips will protect your hands from tearing and assist with your grip, without the compromise of feel.

We have incorporated a 2.25” wrist band to give your wrist added support.

Unlike many other CrossFit grips Rappd G Grips are easy to apply, as there is no Velcro close system, just slide the wrist band on followed by the fingers and your ready to smash out your wod.

  • Easy to use
  • 3 finger loop
  • Durable Cotton and Elastic
  • Works well with chalk
  • Washable
  • Puts your mind at ease, shaving time off your Pull Ups, Toes to Bar, Bar Muscle Ups and more.
  • Durable leather protects your hands from tears, rips & blisters

The wrist band is very comfortable and thin, so you can incorporate wrist wraps if you desire.

Stay on the bar longer and push for those extra reps!

Ideal for:

  • Pull Ups, Chest to Bar, Toes to Bar & Barbell Movements

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